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Black Bolt Digital is the premier branding agency in Richmond and Morehead, KY.
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We turn stories and values into engaging experiences across both digital and physical presences.

Our Process

How we create cohesive brands across Kentucky and the world.

  • Step 1

    Brand Assesment

    We determine where your brand currently stands. What are your core values and value propositions? How effectively are those values being communicated to your audience and in turn, how is your audience engaging back with your brand? What are their values?

  • Step 2

    Brand Planning

    After thoroughly assessing where your brand stands, we look to move it forward. We plan on where to position you relative to competition along with positioning of the organization's tone, vision, and values to match with their target market's tones, visions, and values.

  • Step 3

    Asset Creation

    Based on the brand plan, and the needs of the organization, a variety of assets are created. Assets can entail solutions like websites, social media experiences, presentation templates, signage, business cards, decals, etc. The aim is to create a cohesive experience for the people within and outside of your organization.

  • Step 4

    Brand Management

    We can't be there forever, Black Bolt Digital then provides brand guidelines to enable organizations to create their own materials and in turn promote their brand and build allegiances with their target market for years to come.

  • Success

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